Zuri Investments


Zuri Investments Ltd is a private investment company that offers financial advisory services, real estate solutions, deal structuring and project support services to various its principals, investors, Kenyans in the diaspora and to corporates looking to set up in East Africa and in the Middle East. Our guiding principle is to provide sustainable business and investment solutions and platforms that enable our clients to benefit from the numerous opportunities available in Kenya and UAE.

The company was created with an intent of serving as a bridge between the Middle East and East Africa and vice versa to individuals and corporates willing to invest and do business in these to markets. Zuri’s head office is located in Nairobi, Kenya and has a branch located in Dubai that caters to international clients and Kenyans in the diaspora. We constantly seek to empower our clients by providing them and their organizations with value added services and solutions that enable them to grow their businesses and achieve prosperity.

Our teams of skilled professionals have experience in a diverse nature of local and cross-border transactions and are suitably skilled, highly qualified and experienced to provide legally current and commercially practical holistic advice.

We acknowledge that many Kenyans in the diaspora wish to invest in their homeland but lack access to reliable investment opportunities. We are able to source opportunities, particularly real estate, for investment in a fully transparent manner.


Africa is the last frontier with numerous opportunities across all asset classes. Kenya stands as a regional hub of Eastern and Central Africa due to many factors such as its strategic location; highly educated population; solid legal and financial structures; and an emerging middle class.

Investment from Kenyans in the diaspora is now acknowledged has having the ability to transform the country and make a significant contribution to the GDP, if properly channeled.

At Zuri, we have developed a diverse client and contact base during the several years that we have been in operation and through the partners’ individual successful careers and we often link up and guide clients whose businesses complement each other. Our experience allows us to structure and advise on various deals where we connect our international clients with Kenyan talent and opportunities.

We enjoy working on opportunities that contribute to the growth and development of Kenya, creation of employment and advancement of the youth while maximizing a return for our investor clients.


Our experience tells us that most investors in Africa lack actual, quantifiable packaged information to allow them to make sound investment decisions. We take the lead in analysing information in order that decisions taken by our clients are on the basis of current, accurate and relevant information.

SMEs often have innovative concepts and ideas but lack access to capital in order to bring these to fruition. We provide several funding options to facilitate business start-up and growth

Since SMEs often lack the support services necessary to efficiently deploy capital and expertly navigate risk, we guide our clients and structuring their operations and business processes in a manner that ensures that they gain the most from external funding and are able to be financially self-sufficient in the medium to long term.

At Zuri we ensure that our clients get value for the money they expend on our services; we deliver results and solutions that are relevant and, add value to our client’s monetary policies and operational requirements.