Yilma Abebe – Corporate Relations Manager at East African Tiger Brands

We are pleased and honored to welcome Yilma Abebe, Corporate Relations Manager at East African Tiger Brands as a special guest to the 5th Africa Business Forum on 01 Mar 2017 in Ethiopia. Yilma Abebe joined in July 2012.He has previous experiences as a Manager International Banking Division at CBE, Export Manager at EAG and several other managerial positions at different banks.

Company History

With a view to attract tangible investment by way of joint venture or private equity participation in a central place, EAG in 1997, developed an industrial park in a 70 acres of land area, about 40 Kms west of Addis Abeba. Within the year 1997, it was equipped with adequate infrastructure road; power; communication links; central warehouse weigh-bridge and water. The industrial park incorporated some of the major industries owned by the group such as the biscuit lines, macaroni line, supplementary food line, soap and detergent lines, printing and packaging lines, and the tea blending and packing facility. The park also has 8000m2 central warehouse, which is used to stock finished goods and raw materials for all manufacturing facilities.

In 2011, EAG formed a joint venture partnership with Tiger Brands, a leading South African FMCG’s company, in order to upgrade its capacity and remain competitive in the long run by being able to the upgrade the necessary capacity, do major expansions works, and also taking into consideration the significant knowledge and technology transfer it will gain from the partnership to help develop new green field and new products, which will significantly contribute to the value addition to its current product lines. This newly formed joint venture entity was established as East African Tiger Brands Industries PLC.

Currently East African Tiger Brands Industries PLC continues to engage in the manufacturing of the same line of fast moving consumer goods with an increased capacity and better efficiency. Composed of structured and professional management, East African Tiger Brands Industries PLC currently employs over 1500 employees greatly contributing to reducing the country’s employment