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Vipin Gupta – Essel Group Middle East & Africa Business Forum Partner Awards Winner 2016

Meet, Vipin Gupta, Commercial Director for Essel Group Middle East & one of the Africa Business Forum Partner Awards Winner 2016. (EGME) is the extension of the Essel Group into new territory. A multi-national business headquartered in Dubai, Essel Group ME oversees the business interests of the Essel Group in the Middle East and Africa. The primary focus of the group is the mining of minerals, exploration of oils and hydrocarbons and the acquisition of natural resource assets.

We are exploring untapped markets such as Ethiopia, Uganda & etc.. for the business opportunities in fields of Oil & Gas , Agriculture projects , Mineral & Mines, Government/ Pvt Sector projects/Tenders & Relief/ NGOs projects.etc. We would like to inform you that we are UN approved Vendor ( level -2 ) for all kind of relief materials ,food Security, Building Materials, Steel & Related Products, Hygiene & Baby Kits, Medical Kits,  & basic necessity items to the various relief agencies such as  UNIFIL, UNMISS, ACTED, FAO , Danish Refugee Council, MINUSTAH, WFP etc.

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About Us

With assets and operations in Kenya, Liberia, Chad, Ghana, Eritrea and so on, Essel Group ME’s oil, potash and iron mining businesses have proved to be financially sound investments. Plans for expansion are underway and this footprint will soon extend further across Africa.

Not content with its success in these areas, the group’s interests have since expanded into the areas of trading, international logistics, food security and relief and education and learning.

Oil & Hydrocarbons

Essel Group ME is actively focused on oil exploration across the globe. Our current focus is the African continent and we are proud to have assets and operations in spanning Kenya, Chad, Guinea, Liberia and Ghana. Our first rig in Kenya will be operational by December of 2015 and it will produce an estimated minimum of 10,000 barrels of crude per day.


Our mining operations in Eritrea are among Essel Group ME’s most compelling offerings. With the world’s food requirements at an all-time high, the fertilizer industry is looking at rapid growth. Keeping this in mind we have identified some of the richest deposits of potash in the world in the Bada area and accordingly launched further explorations. Fuelled by the Chinese dragon, production across Asia is only set to rise, making the iron ore business more lucrative by the day. Four mines across Eritrea attest to confidence in this market and our ability to leverage it.


Zee Learn Middle East has introduced pre-schools as their first venture in the middle east. Zee Learn is one of the leading companies in education in India with the fastest growing chain of K-12 schools and Asia’s no 1 chain of pre-schools in its portfolio. In our pre-school, we strive to provide an integrated approach to learning for our students through varied child-initiated activities and programs. We treat every child as a precious individual and appreciate your trust in placing your child in our care.


We are UN approved vendors for supplying goods and services to various relief agencies across the globe. Our trading activities (engineering division of Essel Group ME) is active since 02 years in Middle East and African countries such as Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, South Sudan, DRC & Eritrea, etc. Essel Group ME is a leading Supplier of engineering products & solutions, with a focus on projects.


Africa is on the cusp of rapid industrial and commercial growth. Eritrea in particular has seen a rise in development and construction of infrastructure, residential and commercial projects. However, building materials are in short supply and things such as cement and lime products have to be imported. Identifying a gap in the supply, Essel Group ME has set up a quicklime factory in Eritrea. When production reaches full capacity, it will not only boost the local economy but also catalyse growth across the region through exports.

The quicklime factory has been established at Adi-Ibrahim Zoba Gash Barka sub Zoba Dighe. In this region there is an abundance of limestone which is the raw material required for quicklime. In addition to this, all-weather roads and infrastructure (such as power and telephone lines) allow for seamless operation and distribution. The existence of the nearby gold and copper mining area of Bisha has ensured a ready platform from which to launch operations.

The 5,000 square meter factory is to stand on 612,000 meters of leased area and will be supplied by the limestone quarry in Okreb Mountain. By the end of Year One it will be at 50% capacity producing 45,780 tons and will grow by 5% per year until Year Five.