Mohamoud Dualeh – Head of Products at Alizz islamic bank (Oman)

We are pleased to welcome Mohamoud Dualeh, as a panelist at the 5th Africa Business Forum. Mohamoud Dualeh is a Banking professional with over 11 years of practical experience in the UK and UAE encompassing product development (Liabilities, Assets and Investment products), strategic client management (Wealth Management), Islamic Banking set up and management with excellent product knowledge in both conventional & Islamic Banking products.

Specialities: Bank Asset – Liability Management, Islamic Banking products development and management and investment products.

As member of a Core Team contributed to the implementation of one Islamic Bank and two Islamic Banking windows.

Alizz islamic bank (SAOG) was established in accordance to Oman Royal Decree No. 69/2012 which amended the banking law to include Islamic banking at licensed banks through either specialized banks or independent entities at the existing commercial banks.

Founded in November 2012, alizz islamic bank provides retail and corporate finance through branches, online (alizzislamic.com), and mobile devices.alizz islamic bank is here to deliver exceptional and sustainable results to our stakeholders by providing superior Shari’a compliant financial solutions.

We are headquartered in the Central Business District Area in Ruwi, Oman but we plan to decentralize every local alizz islamic bank branch as a headquarter for satisfying all our customers’ financial needs and helping them succeed financially.

The total paid up capital is 100 million Omani Rials of which 40% was raised by public investors during the Initial Public Offering (IPO). 60% was contributed by the bank’s Promoters who come from diverse yet complementary backgrounds, and share extensive experience in leadership roles, all of which contribute to establishing a solid foundation from which alizz islamic bank can flourish.