Khalifa Bin Huwaidan

Khalifa Bin Huwaidan is one of the country›s fastest growing law office in central Dubai, servicing both corporate entities and private individuals.This growth has derived from a simple mission

«to provide a reliable, accurate, and practicable legal service».

Our lawyers pride themselves on giving excellent and professional advice.

The city of Dubai is the business capital of the Middle East. As a Dubai based law office, we have a proven record of handling multi-jurisdictional matters across the Middle East, Europe, and Asia.

Our services are being updated in accordance with international standards to meet the requirements and needs of our clients.

We value our clients and aim to develop good relationships with all our clients. Our lawyers and support staff ensure that they are able to properly and effectively assess the legal issues of our clients by listening and communicating with them at all stages of the legal process. Our lawyers and consultants are able to communicate in a number of languages in particular English but also in Arabic, French and Spanish. We understand our clients› business needs and offer tailored solutions. We can quickly assess the risks and commercial issues involved in the contracts on which we advise, which enables us to provide both legal and strategic commercial advice. We believe that Khalifa Bin Huwaidan Advocates and Legal Consultants is the right choice to represent you and your business as we strive to understand your needs and the environment in which you live or operate. Do not hesitate to contact your closest branch for further information and assistance.