HanVard Africa is registered in Somalia, Puntland, Somaliland, Kenya and Uganda and specializes in providing tailor made advisory and consultancy services to multilateral and cooperate companies, international and regional organizations, Somalia government and UN agencies. Hanvard Africa brings global and regional perspective along with in-depth experience and knowledge for its clients in Somalia and we have strong and long history of delivering value added professional services to our clients and partners in the region.

In our quality policy, we are committed to providing high quality services and solutions that are current, relevant and specific to each client’s needs. We support our clients in achieving their strategic objectives as we continuously strive to develop better products and improve the quality of our services. Risky management and strict due diligence are part of our quality assurance policy.

One of HanVard Africa’s key strengths is our network and experience. We have established capacities and partnerships with various local, regional and international entities that have carried out various assignments successfully ensuring a successful track record of successful implementations.

HanVard has been leading in the development of the Somali private sector development. In this, tangible results and successes have been achieved in collaborations with multiple stake holders such as the UN, Government, Chambers of commerce and other business associations, NGOs and the wider civil society has been very successful. Some of the key success and programme initiated and support led by HanVard over the year are:

  • The First Somali Reconstruction and Investment Conference in 2013 (SORIC): this started as an initiate with UNDP Somalia with initial focus on Private sector development strategy through consultative workshop, capacity building and dialogue with stakeholders. The outcomes of this become a joint public and private sector funded and supported initiative platform in the first Somali reconstruction and investment conference and exhibition. A millstone was achieved and over 3600 people participated in the two day extensive programme. A number of resolutions were agreed and USD 1.5 billion dollars of potential investment was leveraged during the conference and exhibition. Among other key resolutions were:
    • To promote regional trade, Somali and Kenyan counter-parts to engage further in future cross border trade and subsequent removal of trade barriers in key sectors i.e. Aviation, financial services, transport and logistics
    • To Further collaboration between the public and private sectors with a particular focus on the reconstruction of the country.
    • To facilitate and collaborate across the regions and administrations in the country
    • To encourage international and regional as well as Diaspora investments in the country with incentives and support in reducing risks.


  • Somali Producers Conference and Exhibition sopec.so : HanVard and UN FAO jointly convened (also supported by UNDP PREP and sponsored by EU) an extensive event which combined full conference and exhibition of Somali products from all parts of the country, including Somaliland and Puntland. There were two main outcomes of this initiative:
    • Investment and business opportunities for Somali producers and support sector. For Example, among others, A franchises company in Somaliland (Maidi) won USD 6 million dollar contract of supplying indigenous products to USA based company Young Living; Fruitesom won three start up contracts to supply banana to Middle East, the first in about 20 years; International bank of Somali singed trucker dealership deal with Al-Futain.
    • Specific industry focused recommendations were on:
  • Continuation of all cooperation efforts by the private sector, Somali, UAE & other GCC governments and development partners to enhance and grow the three key sectors by forming new partnerships and increasing access to markets of Somali produce.
  • Support for the Somali government in the development of polices and legislation necessary for these produce sectors to access and compete in regional and international markets
  • Recognition and support for the private sector role in the development recovery of the Somali economy specifically in key productive sectors such as agriculture, livestock and fisheries including the extractive industries and general trade.
  • Support and facilitate the rehabilitation and where absent creation of crucial infrastructure and facilities that can support the performance of the key sectors – export processing facilities at ports, slaughterhouses, quality assurance mechanisms, export facilitating centers etc.
  • Work towards removing all trade barriers and inhibitive measures to the Somali economy.
  • HanVard co-sponsored and co-facilitated an open debate with the Nairobi Forum. The subject of the discussion was Is Somalia/Somaliland ready for international investment? Various trade representatives from foreign embassies, international, regional and local companies participated in the dialogue. (HanVard sponsored, Nairobi Forum of Rift Valley Institute hosted)
  • IFC/World bank, HanVard supported the initial re-engagement of IFC in Somalia y facilitating Nairobi/Diaspora business community and IFC engagement in direct dialogue/discussions on the public./private sector dialogue. (HanVard provided this support on pro-bono basis)
  • UNDP Somalia (PREP) private sector development and trade promotions. HanVard and UNDP PREP Somalia/Somaliland have been working and collaborating together over the past