Google’s tech dream for Africa

Launched yesterday in South Africa, the free platform, which was devised in partnership with Livity Africa, targets young people in Africa aged between 18 and 35 .

The programmes have also been launched in Nigeria and Kenya, among other countries.

The US tech giant plans to train 300000 people in South Africa alone with a target of one million people across Africa in the next 12 months.

At a conference at Google South Africa’s Bryanston offices, Country Director Luke McKend said: “People that have digital skills are more employable”, making it important that these skills are developed.

Two training programmes – Digify Bytes and Digify Pro – have been launched. Digify Bytes offers training sessions for people looking to develop a digital career while Digify Pro is a three-month immersion programme for digital specialists.

Google’s Head of Communications, Michelle Atagana, said that following the completion of courses, learners go through a formal graduation process.

Small business owner Nomacala Gapare, 24, a graduate of the Digify Pro course as well as the Content Manager for Digify Africa, says there is an after-care programme that enables the former students to have weekly meetings with their mentors, as well as meeting other graduates on a monthly basis.

Google is currently in talks with a number of sponsors to ensure it reaches its one million target on time.