Ethiopia to build tallest building in East Africa

Ethiopia launches the construction of a 46-story building, the tallest in east Africa and second tallest structure in the continent, reports said on Saturday. The construction of the $200 million structure has officially been launched on Saturday and will serve as headquarters of the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) which owns the building.

The four basement structure with designed height of 198 meters will be built by the China State Construction Engineering Corporation which already entered to contractual agreement with CBE.

CBE, one of the oldest banks in Africa, would use the headquarters to offer various services under one roof.

“The new headquarter is particularly important for the current booming business, running in the country Bereket Simon, the board chairperson of the commercial bank of Ethiopia and Policy research advisor at the ministerial level spoke during the ceremony.

No definite time is set when the construction of the diamond shaped structure would be completed but believed it would give aesthetic value to Africa’s capital after completion.

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