ESC Group


ESC have been designing and producing sheet piles since the late 1980’s, and are now a leading supplier of hot rolled and cold formed sheet piles, supplying a global network. The Group has established offices and manufacturing arms across Eastern Europe, North America and now has production facilities in Malaysia, China and the United Arab Emirates.

ESC has technical relationships with Chinese, American and Japanese steel mills. ESC conducts engineering and marketing in conjunction with these mills and as a result ESC now has the ability to offer a wide range of hot rolled sheet piles for the market place.

The objective of the ESC Group is to use our wide range of expertise to provide customers with efficient and quality products and services that meet their stated and implied requirements. All sheet piling requirements anywhere in the world can be handled by ESC and its teams of engineers and agents.


In January 2007, the ESC Group joint ventured with the Sharafi Group to establish ESC Al Sharafi Group under registered companies “ESC AL SHARAFI STEEL LLC and ESC AL SHARAFI GENERAL CONTRACTING LLC” which has now become the premier provider of Sheet Piling Solutions in Middle East and Africa.

The ESC Middle East approach to sheet piling is orientated on the customers’ requirements. ESC believe that simply supplying a product is insufficient, therefore the level of support a customer receives when they are considering purchasing ESC products or products from partner mills of ESC’s is unprecedented. This ranges from general advise on the Client’s options to engineering support and design, includes necessary accessories and other items associated with sheet piling works.

In addition to global steel sourcing and international trading and due to the increasing interest in ESC products and services, ESC have responded by establishing a dedicated manufacturing facility in Musaffah, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Where new and used sheet piles are available for supply, rental and buy back services. Recently, with great pleasure ESC have introduced their new locally manufactured Trench Sheets and Trench Boxes that are specifically designed to Middle East construction environment.

ESC have gone one step further by catering all stages of the sheet piling process in United Arab  Emirates, from design and engineering, manufacturing and supply trough to installation of different shoring systems for various construction projects. ESC also provides a wide range of coating solutions using its own re-locatable blasting and painting facilities.

ESC’s approach has always been providing sheet piling solutions rather than products. ESC recognizes that each project is unique, with its own set of challenges. As such, ESC, with its team of qualified and experienced engineers always strives for a dialogue with customers to provide them with various cost effective sheet piling solutions. Thus, ESC truly has become one of the world’s leading “Sheet Piling Solutions Providers”.