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Belachew Fikre PhD – Deputy Commissioner – Ethiopian Investment Commission, Ethiopia Government

We are pleased and honored to welcome Mr Belachew Fikre PhD, as a guest speaker and panelist at the 5th Africa Business Forum in Addis Ababa on 1st Mar 2017.  Belachew Fikre PhD is the Deputy Commissioner at the Ethiopian Investment Commission, Ethiopia Government, with a mandate to lead the Industrial Parks Division ensuring the development, operations and utilisation of Industrial Parks in the country is carried out in compliance with the relevant legislative and policy framework.

A focused and results oriented Policy Expert and Programme Manager; I bring demonstrated international experience in programme evaluation and delivery across a wide variety of settings. Over the course of my career, I have built a solid reputation as a legal expert and adviser for governmental and non-governmental organisations in the development and assessment of community and social development programmes focused on human rights, gender equality, socio-economic parity and equitable property and land management policies. Highly experienced in creating bench marking and analysis for the development of project and programme proposals, as well as risk management processes, I help guide the creation of effective structures, systems and supports through the creation and facilitation of ongoing professional development, personnel support and training processes. My excellent interpersonal, communication and negotiation skills allow me to develop and maintain mutually beneficial partnerships with stakeholders, local governments and staff to ensure project success.

Areas of expertise and interest include:

  • Justice System Reform: Mainstreaming Human Rights and ensuring access to justice for vulnerable groups
  • International Human Rights Legislation: Human rights and development, women’s rights, property rights and socio-economic rights
  • Land Rights and Title: Land rights management and administration, formalizing land rights and titling processes
  • Post-Conflict Negotiations: Conflict Analysis, Reconstruction and Reconciliation
  • International Development: Socio-economic development policy development and implementation.