Welcome to the Africa Business Forum .com

The Africa Business Forum organizes a number of high profile Professional Business Networking Events for Trade and Investment in Africa. It aims to bring together Business professionals to discuss and explore the business potential of Africa in Dubai.

The UAE and in particular Dubai has a long standing history of trade and investment with Africa. The tradition of enterprise between Dubai and Africa has thrived in recent years. To highlight the business potential in Africa, the evening events aims to:

  • Highlight the African business opportunities that are opening up.
  • Connect African Businesses and UAE investors together.
  • Explore barriers to business and how to overcome them.
  • Celebrate the role of Dubai as the export gateway to African markets.
  • Highlight investment and bilateral trade opportunities.

The events are attended by Business professionals, Consulate dignitaries, CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, Exporters, Buyers and Sellers. It is an opportunity to connect with other business owners, hear inspirational stories, and learn valuable tactics you can use to grow your business in Africa. You don’t want to miss out on these trans-formative events.
(Please contact us if you would like to join as a guest speaker or have sponsorship inquiries)